Powder Coating / Sandblasting

In addition to a full service metal fabrication facility, Roadrunner Fabrication also provides a full range of Sandblasting and Powder Coating services. This allows Roadrunner to offer true turn key project services from fabrication and finishing, to installation.

If Powder Coating is the only service requested Roadrunner will happily provide the Powder Coating services with no minimum charge.

Roadrunner is able to provide these services due to our expertise along with a wide range of oven sizes and coating technologies.

Our coatings offer durable color and gloss retention unequalled by common paint finishes. As nearly all of our products are Sandblasted prior to coating, we are able to offer extended and/or lifetime adhesion warranties on almost all products.

Our colors are available in a variety glosses, mattes, wrinkles, hammers, metallics, glitters, sparkles and veins.

Call for a sample or test application if color match is critical.

Allow Roadrunner to repair or fabricate your damaged item, prior to Powder Coating.
  • Curb checked your rims?
  • Broke the arm off your lawn chair?
  • Bent the pickets in your railing?
  • Hit the wall coming out of turn 2?

Powder Coating